Usage Instructions

Proper usage, observation and practice is the key to success with Parkovel365. You have to observe the conditions, change in conditions and effect of Parkovel365 carefully. You can discuss the result of observation anytime with us and we can fine tune the timing and dosage to get a best result out of Parkovel365.

How to Use

  • Parkovel365 is in fine Powder form,

  • Parkovel365 comes in small sachets

  • Each sachets contains Parkovel365 around 6 grams by weight.

  • You can use one glass of warm milk or warm water to mix Parkovel365

  • Stir well to dissolve Parkovel365 fully to the liquid


  • Every food supplement or medicine act differently in different human body. 

  • The dosage is different for different person based on the following factors, 

  • Initially start with two sachets/Day. One in morning in an empty stomach, second around at 6 PM

  • Keep in mind to keep at lest 1 hour from any other medicine and food

  • Observe carefully how much time you get relief from your symptoms related to Parkinson's disease

  • Body condition

  • Disease duration and stages

  • Medication history

Optimum Dosage

We suggest you to use the following method to find the proper dosage that suits for you.

  • Use first dosage at morning in empty stomach. 

  • Within 15 minutes you will get a sign of relief from symptoms related to Parkinson's disease 

  • Observe carefully how long the effect last 

  • After some hours, you may get a sign that the symptoms are starting again.

  • Now wait for some time and use another dosage.

Current Medicines

  • After you get a good result from Parkovel365, ask permission to your doctor to reduce the dosage or stop medicines related to Parkinson's disease 

  • Otherwise you can book an appintment online and  Talk to our Doctor.


  • Do not use cold water as it may not  dissolve  the powder properly 

  • Stir well before drinking, otherwise it may settle down. 

  • Better to use Optimum dosage method, after two weeks of regular usage. 

  • Please note, these are some general usage details. Consult your doctor more more advice or you can book appointment and  Talk to our Doctor

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