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She was suffering from Parkinson's symptoms. They found Parkovel365 from internet and using it for a long time. They are now able to control symptoms related to Parkinson's disease and satisfied with the result of Parkovel365


A priest explains his experience

Father Jerald was an energetic person. But he is affected by Parkinson's and lost all his energy and confidence. Now he is using Prkovel365 and slowly walking to the normal life. He was bedridden and had severe movement disorders.


After 6 months of usage

Person explains the situation of his father in law, who is a Parkinson's patient. He started Parkovel365 from a condition where normal medicines where not responding properly. Now he is able to reduce the symptoms related to Parkinson's disease with Parkovel365.


Review from a Medical shop owner

Medical shop owner says, he used many medicines for controlling symptoms related to Parkinson's disease. But the only one worked for him is Parkovel365.


Her father use Parkovel365

She says most of problems related to Parkinson's disease were solved by Parkovel365. Parkovel365 is product from an experience of 15 years. Here The organic products by Parkovel can improve quality of life without limits.


Review from an NRI

This is the media coverage and interview by Jeevan TV. The person is an NRI suffering from Parkinson's disease. He is now using and referred to many other people, Parkovel365 to improve quality of their life


Mucuna Pruriens in Parkinson's disease

To investigate whether Mucuna pruriens (MP), a levodopa-containing leguminous plant growing in all tropical areas worldwide, may be used as alternative source of levodopa for indigent individuals with Parkinson disease (PD) who cannot afford long-term therapy with marketed levodopa preparations



Interview with a person who is suffering from Parkinson's disease and was bedridden for some years. Now he is recovering and slowly coming back to the normal life with the help of Parkovel365


Media Coverage by DD

This is the media coverage by Doordarshan Malayalam about our organic farming techniques, factory and the founder

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